West Coast Training, East Coast Events

Tomorrow Paris and I head to the airport to embark on our first two regattas together!
We will be sailing at CORK in Kingston, Ontario and at US Nationals at Oakcliff Sailing Center in Oyster Bay, New York.
CORK is from Aug 17-21 and US Nationals are Aug 24-26. This will be valuable racing experience in preparation for Worlds in Marseille, France from Sept 24-29.

We have spent the last two weekends training hard. We were in Richmond with coach Trevor Moore and training partners Kristen Lane and Christine Neville two weeks ago. Unfortunately, an hour into our first of three days of training, we capsized (nothing out of the blue) in a shallow area and broke our top section. Definitely a bummer. Paris extracted the sail from the mast before we sailed in on just the jib.
The good thing is that we only need to replace the top section of the mast and the sail is unharmed. We were extremely fortunate that Kristen and Christine were so generous and let us trade off sailing with them (alternating between the FX and the coachboat) for the rest of the weekend. Thank you Kristen and Christine! We were able to have two more very productive days of sailing thanks to them. And thank you to Trevor for excellent coaching, lots of video, and adapting to our unique situation.

Last weekend we sailed in Coronado with Hans Henken coaching us. It was great to have some medium breeze instead of 20+ knots, for once! Thank you Hans for lots of tips that raised our game in a short amount of time.
We also made all new lines, exact duplicates of the ones we like, in preparation for our upcoming events. Preparation off the water is just as important as preparation on the water.

We can’t wait to RACE!
But first, time to pack the sails in a giant tube…

– Helena

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