Leading after Day 2 of CORK

Paris and I had a great day at CORK Olympic Class Regatta in Kingston, Ontario today!

3 races, 3 bullets!

1185023_520355441367095_1421846271_nIt was a much better day than yesterday where we felt that our scores didn’t show how well we sailed (spinnaker retrieval line snagged the jib halyard shackle twice, costing us some points). But that said, yesterday was our first day racing together, ever, so we didn’t know what to expect. It’s a fleet of 8 boats: 2 Americans and 6 Canadians.

Conditions for the last two days have been 4-6 knots and pretty flat water, with just small chop from wake. This is actually the first time that we’ve sailed in such light air together, since we’ve been sailing on San Francisco Bay (known for its strong breeze) and even our two weekends in Coronado (San Diego, known for light to medium breeze) gave us at least 8 knots. Our light air 29er experience really helped us to get a feel for the light air in the FX. It is a tricky condition, demanding lots of mast-hugging, squatting, and communication!999134_520355428033763_1367416223_n

Our tactics were better today than yesterday. There are several shifts per beat and lots of place changes throughout the races. On both days we have had consistently strong starts which is excellent and gives us confidence around the course from the get-go.

The regatta is far from over – three more days of racing with up to 14 or 15 more races. The forecast looks good… in the 8-14 knot range for the rest of the event! Every day is a new day and every race is a new race with lots to be learned at this early stage in our summer racing.

Results: http://www.cork.org/2013-results/ (link seems to be temperamental)

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