One more day at CORK OCR!

Paris and I have had two more solid days at CORK OCR!

Yesterday was about 12-14 knots (a little lighter for the first race) and we scored 2-1-4-1.
Today was about 13-15 knots and choppier. We scored 3-1-1-1-1. We spun a 360 in the first race since our tiller extension hit the boat to leeward of us on the startline, but we soon got settled into our groove.

Our boatspeed, especially upwind, is our main strength. It’s been fun to fine-tune our rig setup and refine our technique upwind, most importantly the mainsheet trim and steering dynamic.

cork2013 1It’s not over yet! Tomorrow is medal race(s) day. Starting at 11:45, we have three 10-12 min races that count for double points each. In addition, they’re non-discardable. So even though we have a ten point lead, there is a lot on the line! Wish us luck.

For photos, check out the Facebook page.

Thank you to Oakcliff Sailing Center, our coach Luther Carpenter, our USA teammates (especially for helping immensely with boat logistics), and of course Sperry Top-Sider.


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