Worlds Day 3 Report

It was one of those days, a tough one – long, light wind, and lumpy seas. It started off great – we won the start and were in the top five at the end of the second beat, but the wind shut off and the race was abandoned. Once we got a race in on that course we had to go to one of the other courses for our next two races.

We scored 15-OCS-13. We get to drop the OCS but overall our scores weren’t enough to stay in Gold fleet position (top 20), so we will be in silver fleet starting tomorrow. If we are winning Silver fleet by the end of Day 5 then we will be promoted and get to race in the Petit final, so that is our goal.

The good news is that our starts, with the exception of the last race today, were excellent. We are able to carve out a nice big hole for ourselves and keep a nice lane off the line. What we struggled with was strategy when the wind became fluky. Also spinning a 360 in two of the races (one for hitting the windward mark and one for a starboard/port, no contact) isn’t fast and cost us several points. But we learned from those and will move on!

The forecast is for tomorrow (Day 4) to be light again, but for the final two days to bring the Mistral, or something similar. We’ll see! We’ve got to work with what we get, as always. The Race Committee is aiming for 3 races per day of 30 mins each.

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