Thanks for your support and concern – I am doing really well!

My MRI at Stanford revealed some things that the French hospital didn’t pick up on:
– I fractured the left transverse process of my second lumbar vertebra (not my 8th thoracic as they told me in France)
– I lacerated my left kidney (this means I was bleeding quite a bit internally)
– I might have cracked a rib or two

While this sounds bad, I am really lucky for several reasons: everything should heal by itself – no surgery necessary; I am not paralyzed because that part of my spine is unaffected; I can walk around, go to class, sleep well etc.

Today is the first day that I haven’t taken any pain medication and I feel great. By no means am I jumping around but I’m not in pain at every waking moment. Healing time is ~8 weeks, but I will lose a lot of strength/fitness in the meantime, so it will take a while to get back to where I left off.

Unfortunately this has thwarted my fall college sailing season, but I am looking forward to coming back stronger than ever for my last college sailing season ever in January. Paris and I will resume training in December.

Rest, positive thinking, and gratitude… I recommend it, whether you are injured or not! 🙂

– Helena

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