2x Women’s US National Champions!

This is the second time Helena and I are back at Oakcliff Sailing Center and what a great change from last year! Apart from the stellar conditions all three days of racing, we had a great time spending the nights in the new Oakcliff dorm with our fellow US Sailing Team members and non-members participating in the event.

5830255_origComing straight from the train station the night before the regatta started, I was lucky enough to arrive with a race-ready boat due to Helena’s superb rigging devotion a couple days before the event began. With the title win from last year, we were very excited to get back on the water!

Unlike last year where the wind conditions were a combination of light and shifty, we experienced a shifty but consistent easterly wind of 10-12 knots the first day. It proved to be quite reliable considering we got 6 races off! We ended the first day tied with Kristen Lane and Maggie Shea for 2nd, trailing behind Wade Waddell and Ian MacDiarmid who scored almost all bullets.10494928_10152202648442391_8849283323584910206_o

Day two and the wind is pumping! It started off with a strong easterly wind of 15 knots but by the time we got on the water for racing it dropped down to a steady 12 knots. Just like the first day of racing the race committee was quick and cordial to get off as many races as they could before the final day. We ended up having a consistent day with only one mishap of losing a protest that dropped us down from second place to third. We knew what we had to do going into the last day.

10629394_10152200837142391_1752171140974857087_oDay 3 – The medal race day! The winds were light and shifty to start with in the morning making it look similar to last year’s racing. However, as we make our slow and long sail out to the race course, the wind picks up to a perfect 8-10 knot condition which was definitely needed. Each class, 49er, FX and Nacra had one final championship race before they held the medal race. Only being 2 points behind 2nd place it was important to try and get a couple boats in between Kristen/Maggie and us before the medal race. After pulling off a 3rd place, we had positioned ourselves 1 point in front of Kristen/Maggie. The medal race proved to be challenging with quick decisions in every important mark rounding, on point boat handling and straight line speed. With great satisfaction, Helena and I finished the medal race 2nd which means that our overall finish was 2nd! We were the top Olympics-eligible FX team (the FX class is for women only in the Olympics) for the second year in a row. This was definitely an exciting and emotional way to wrap up the regatta! Congratulations to Wade and Ian for their open National Title!

1974421_10152205270297391_4621048408736954125_oWe would love to thank Oakcliff for the boat, sails, and accommodation. It was an awesome set up and we can’t wait for Nationals next year!

Here is a 6-minute video recap of the event by T2pTV: Sailing On Demand, featuring an interview with us starting at 3:15. Watch it here!10623820_10152200837152391_268508135197692788_o

If you can’t get enough of the video, there are daily videos too!

Friday’s video by T2P.TV
Saturday’s video by T2P.TV
Sunday’s video by T2P.TV



Results can be found here.         10404025_10152202669207391_5262972766827215632_o

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