Bon Voyage, 2015!

2015 By the Numbers!
Our first full-time year of sailing amounts to…

1 Bronze Medal at the Pan American Games in Toronto – don’t worry, they gave us one each!
2 surgeries between us – 2 tonsils removed for Paris and 2 hands fixed of carpal tunnel for Helena
5 youth sailing programs Helena spoke to this year about resilience, a growth mindset, and campaign adventures
6 nights spent on overnight ferries in Europe
9 countries raced in – USA, Spain, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, Canada, Brazil, Argentina
14 regattas sailed, meaning 65 days of racing our hearts out
25 days until the first day of the US Olympic Trials
71 flights total between us (coincidentally, the exact same number as last year) Thanks to Expedia for helping us find the best ones!
2015 collage 183 countries have people that viewed our website, including Cameroon, Mongolia, Madagascar, and Albania
114 days training hard (47 last year, we said we’d double it; we did!)
198 fantastic people have donated to our campaign, 118 of them most recently raising $16,516 on WOW!
218 days until the Rio Olympics begin
826 our faithful sail number & our original boat that we sold this year
1,678 approximate number of knots we each untangle from our hair after a day of sailing
1749 is the hull number of our new boat, Troy, which we unwrapped in November
2,141 incredible Facebook fans cheering us on no matter where we are (double last year!)
18,276 miles driven in Europe and North America, covering 10 countries
2016… BRING IT ON!

2015 collage 2

2015 has been more than we could have imagined in so many ways.

We’d like to thank Expedia, the staff, supporters, and sponsors of the US Sailing Team Sperry & Sperry, all of the individuals, families, and organizations that have donated, the St Francis Sailing Foundation, the Northern California Olympians & Paralympians, Sunbrella, our coaches Ramon Oliden, Luther Carpenter, Willie McBride, and Leandro Spina, our training partners, and our families. If there is one thing about this journey we’ll remember for the rest of our lives, it’s the people surrounding us. THANK YOU!

~ Paris & Helena

3 thoughts on “Bon Voyage, 2015!

  1. The Sheltons of Oxford, England are loving their Henken Scutt Sailing canvas bag, hand delivered by Oliver Scutt. Expertly screenprinted!

  2. Thanks for our canvas bag too, great to receive it.
    Went to a reception last sat. at The Royal Torbay Yacht Club in Torquay which was the host club for the British Olympic sailing events in 1948. They still have photos on their walls of the events, as well as paintings of racing schooners in the 1860’s.
    Best wishes for success this winter and your selection. Charles and all the Easterbrook’s in Devon.

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