The Boat

The FX
sail-64We race the 49erFX, or the “FX” for short. Due to its speed and design specifications, the FX is classified as a high performance skiff. For the first time ever, at Rio 2016 the FX will be one of the 11 sailing events in the summer Olympic Games.

The 49er is the equivalent boat of its type (high performance skiff) for men. The 49er has amazed Olympic spectators since its debut in Sydney 2000, but Rio 2016 will be the first Olympics to include the FX. Both boats lead the field in terms of high performance Olympic sailing.

Media and spectators already love the FX; it has the potential to be one of the glamor events of the entire summer Olympics. It’s a boat that captures the essence of true Olympic athleticism, based on a strict and well proven one design concept.

Click here to see the Animated Boat Preview by NBC Olympics

Boat specs:


2 crew members & 2 trapezes
Hull designed in the 1990s by Bethwaite
Hull weight: 74.0 kg
Hull length: 4.99 m
Beam length: 2.9 m
Mast & sails designed in 2012 by Mackay
Mast height: 7.5 m
Mainsail area: 13.8 sq m
Jib area: 5.8 sq m
Spinnaker area: 25.1 sq m

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