Team Members

We would not be where we are without your support. Thank you for making our dream possible! If you donated to our RallyMe, we are in the process of transferring your name to this page 🙂

Gold Level
Oliver Scutt & Tania Scutt
Dr. Edmond Henken DDS & Dr. Tamra Henken DDS
Mrs. V. M. Barr
Mr. William Scutt & Mrs. Susan Scutt
Andrew and Fiona Barr
The Toppa Family
Dr. Julie Wareham
Scott Philips – Ronco Plastics
Geoff Davis & Juan Meza – Coronado Mobile Storage
The Albrecht Family
Eric & Carolyn Van
The Toland Family
The Musi Family
Coronado Maritime Foundation
Tim Dick
Norman & Vivien Basco
Debbie Basco & Steve Pratt
Nick & Jane Scutt

Silver Level
Meg Winkelman
Robert Taylor
James Algert
The Raab Family
Sarah & Adrian Roche
Deborah Fussell
The Shaner Family
The Calvert Family
Erik & Coral Noyd
Pat Sheffels
The Nordness Family
Beth & Tom Andrewes
Mike & Karen Lesyna
Ed & Doris Frey
Las Commodoras – Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club
Karen & Steve Burns
Tamsin & Mark Shelton

Bronze Level
Damaris and David Weller
Sandra Skahen
Mark Gaudio
The Stipanov Family
Lora and Jim Marullo
Don & Susie Teel
The Reinsel Family
Jon Stafford
Bill Slead
Rick & Terry Colella
The Kohrman Family
Lynn Waplington
The Zeiler Family
Margie & Al Einstein
Anne & John Post
Clyde R. Toole
Shelly Willard
Pascal Stolz
Corinthian Yacht Club, Tiburon, CA
Bryan Djunaedi
Bruno Bertocci

Team Members
Wendi J. Lentz
Nicola Scutt
Maxine Darling
Fred & Gwen Christensen
Seth Cooley
The Bolton Family
The Rose Family
Mrs. Judie Relf
Aaron & Salome Taylor
Jackie Pendegrass
The Renfroe Family
The Schneider Family
Rick & Kellie Nicholson
Lisa & Bob Low
The Blair Family
The Wohlman Family
Eric & Deborah Shields

The organizations and individuals who have supported us along the way:

Stanford Athletic Dept.
Charleston Athletic Dept.
Leandro Spina

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